Saturday, February 28, 2009

Need for Speed SHIFT - coming soon

The EA Games announces 3 new games from the Need for Speed series: Need For Speed Shift, Need For Speed Nitro and Need For Speed World Online. Only NFS and NFS Online World Shift will be available on PC and NFS Nitro will be available on Nintendo Wii console and Nintendo DS.
Need for Speed World Online will be a "Free Game" in which you can only play with friends and you can choose what car you want without having to carry out tasks or win races.
Need for Speed Shift is based on the idea of the simulator, providing a drop of realism of this game, having the opportunity to see inside the car. Graphic will be enhanced, and the vehicle control will be drastically revised and closer to reality.
Electronic Arts has sent a press release that officially confirms the three new Need For Speed titles and announces the approximate release date. Thus, Need For Speed Nitro and SHIFT will be available this autumn, while Need For Speed World Online will be released on the Asian market this year during the summer and in the U.S. market during the winter.
I am amazed by the EA Games speed when it comes to new names in the NFS series. It was like yesterday when Undercover was released and now they are announcing not one, but 3 games. Hardly wait to play them.

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