Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Save the software developers ! Do not kill the web !

Therefore, please use a browser based on open standards!
Somewhere around the beginning of the year, I found two interesting sites. I am talking about Kill Bill's browser and Explorer Destroyer. Today they are not existing anymore.

It seems that behind the site were the same person. Perhaps some of you are aware of.

A banal example: Google pays $ 1 for each user click on an AdSense banner via Firefox, download and install Firefox for the first time on the computer.
Another campaign, more fresh, less aggressive is SaveTheDevelopers. I felt good when I saw the list of sponsors and are two sites in Romania. Probably are more, many have found it in 30 seconds what it took to take a look over those logos.

Personally I can not accept anymore to build a site and to be forced to make all kind of compromises in order to achieve a decent show on IE6 and other browsers. IE 6 digest the most difficult and CSS code and simply makes life awful for people. You say that a real web designer will know what to do. Okay, but I must admit that the web designer is trying hard to do things to look good in any browser.

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