Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Tube, music and British users

Another week has past and we have some more news about You Tube. This time it seems that there was a misunderstanding between the bosses of the famous video sharing portal and PRS for Music, an association which owns copyrights to songs created by, no less than, 50.000 composers.

It seems that there has been some misunderstandings between the two sides in the past. This time the negotiations for a new agreement appears to have failed. On the one hand You Tube accuses British association that wants a price too high compared to that of the previous contract. Agency Reuters quotes an official even says on the You Tube blog that: "The negotiations failed because the British have asked too large amounts of money. Depending on the number of clicks on a video, the amounts would grow, inconceivable thing for us, because we would have registered losses."

On the other hand, British composers association for PRS Music, says exactly the opposite. They say that video-sharing portal owned by Google would want to pay a price below the contract that stipulated in the first one. It is hard to tell who is right, though? Should be You Tube or PRS for Music? Till then there are users in the UK that starting with today that can not access the music videos that are subject to copyright owned by the British association.

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