Monday, April 6, 2009

5 freeware softwares for your PC

Got a new computer or you just formated the old one. Want to keep it always in the best shape? Do you wanna have no problems with him? No viruses, no nothing. Simple and easy, download the following programs, or at least the ones you do not have or the ones that you need. Tell me how useful they are and give this article to other people in order to help them also.

1. Keep away viruses with Avira Antivirus [download]
First, you must watch viruses that may appear, so Avira is one of the best anti-virus, free, you will not make any trouble.

2. Bye bye trial software with PC Decrapifier [download]
Most computer programs are trial (a limited period of use), but with PC Decrapifier, get rid of any problem quickly and easily.

3. Keep away spywares with Spyware Terminator [download]
Go on a site, some spyware catch you and take control of the computer, but with Spyware Terminator you can surf the Internet without any problems.

4. Remove useless programs on your HDD with CCleaner [download]
Your compuer is running slow because of too many useless softwares. CCleaner deletes them ASAP.

5. Defragment your PC in real time with IOBIT Smart Defrag [download]
You have to wait several minutes to open your program, you want something fast and efficiently => let IOBIT save your time putting everything in place.

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